#SpikySquares #20

Some varieties of Mahonia have very spiky leaves. These spikes might be small, but I can assure you that they are painful! I’ve paired them with a soft square because the soft square represents a jagged connection.

I hardly dare mention the ‘B’ word! Since the Referendum the nation has been precariously poised on the edge of an imaginary cliff. When it was announced that there were 100 days to go I began a blanket to mark the progress. Nine rows of 11 squares with the 100th day marked by the border. The first several days were loud with more shoutings of the ‘white’ lies told to the public before the initial vote. These are marked by the cream squares below.

My original idea was one of order, but as the days have progressed the picture has become more and more confused … and so has the blanket!!!

Now we are to apparently have an extension! The next strip is underway with the spiky square above being today’s. It signifies that the next move is now down to the EU (hence the blue). Tomorrow’s square could almost be any colour under the sun!

Will I finish at 100? Now I don’t know. I suppose you could say that there is a spike in my inspiration….

#SpikySquare #20 for BeckyB’s March squares

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