The passing of time

Time passes far to quickly when craft is involved! Once the inspiration arrives it’s hands to the deck to get as much done as possible. These crochet blocks are now all together in a blanket, but the stage pictured needs concentration and patience.

It’s a fact to say that relatives sometimes don’t understand the importance of peace and quiet during this stage. I prefer to wait until I’m on my own, and to work until the last possible minute.

However ‘stealing’ time by subterfuge is sometimes the only way to go … and, if you can keep a secret, I’ve evolved a little routine …

It begins with an onion!

It doesn’t take long to peel and slice an onion, so that’s the first task of the day, then off to to the craft room and work begins.

Once the layout is ready the blocks are marked and stacked ready for sequential construction. Above there are only 100 squares, but sometimes there are far more, and the bed or floor becomes the crafting area. Of course, the time always passes too quickly and it isn’t long before the key is in the lock and the house no longer quiet and peaceful.

So, what about the onion?

The trick is to anticipate the sound of the key and to be in the kitchen before the door is closed. It’s surprising how quickly the kettle can go on and a pan be heated on the stove! Once the latter is hot the onion can be thrown in and before long the savoury aroma implies an afternoon of cooking !

(Especially if a red pepper is being prepared as the kettle boils).

Thanks to BeckyB for the #timesquare inspiration

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