In the Pink?

This morning I spent my ‘coffee time’ looking at a few of the blogs I follow. I don’t get time do it as often as I would like, but there is always something to be found among the words and pictures. One of the blogs I try to catch is Lucid Gypsy. Over the years I have enjoyed her posts, and she has given me much encouragement. Her post today, like several others in my list, majors on Pink! It’s a meme inspired by BeckyBofWinchester and I have to say that it made me giggle. Firstly, the chosen image is fun and quirky, but suddenly, as I looked, I could hear a distantly remembered Art Tutor vehemently recounting that there ‘is NO SUCH COLOUR AS PINK! ONLY LIGHT RED’!

Of course, when not in class we continued to call it PINK!

So, Gilly has inspired me to begin posting here again, and for the time being my posts will be #InThePink.

Last Christmas I was given a cyclamen plant, with a challenge! The giftee announced that she always killed hers, could I do better? Well I accepted the challenge but thought I had failed. On returning from a few days away the poor creature was devoid of leaves and looked completely dead. I determined to try again and a couple of weeks later the plant awoke from its dormancy with the sight of a single leaf.

This picture was taken last night.

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