How to make coffee 

Cafetière? Pods? Instant? There are other ways too. I always used a cafetière until it was broken in an accident. The replacement was a slightly different design although the same make and it didn’t make good coffee. 

A couple of months ago I visited a Russian friend. She makes her coffee directly in the cup using freshly ground coffee. It was delicious and I’ve no adapted her technique and now make it in a small jug. It’s easy to make and fun to watch the surface changing as the grounds swell and settle. A quick stir and time to pour. Delicious 

Especially delicious if served with an occasional croissant, but that doesn’t happen very often 😉

Today is the first day I’ve been able to enjoy it outside in the sun

I was even serenaded by first a Robin and then a Blackbird. 

I love spring. 

Where did you drink your coffee today? 

5 thoughts on “How to make coffee 

  1. I’m drinking my coffee sat on my sofa, the sun streaming through the window, while I fill in a job application. And getting distracted my your post 🙂


  2. Hello! I usually only have one cup of coffee mid morning at work. We have a machine that makes a nit very exciting cup from ground coffee beans. I think they buy in cheap beans! I am a tea drinker but occasionally have coffee made from Lyons coffee bags (a bit like a tea bag). Good luck with the job application. 🤗


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