G is for



I like garlic. The flavour adds something to certain dishes, but it also masks the flavour of some things that I enjoy more. For example, salad leaves have enough flavour of their own – a dressing full of garlic completely overpowers.

Is it just my imaginatiion, but it seems that most TV chefs add garlic to everything savoury. Fish, chicken, vegetables…..

I’ve come to the conclusion that they must have once been smokers. Maybe they still are….. However, if they no longer have fully functioning taste buds they won’t know what they are missing without this apparently ubiquitous ingredient……

Posted for the April A-Z challenge.

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2 thoughts on “G is for

  1. We’re growing garlic in our community garden at the moment. I don’t eat it personally, but the crop we gave away to the local community last year got rave reviews 🙂


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