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Just 5 minutes walk from our home is a canal. It is rarely used by boats these days, but managed to encourage wildlife. I’ve spent many happy hours walking along the towpath, watching the birds, waterfowl and the flora changing with the seasons. A bright flash of blue indicates that the Kingfisher is around, and standing for a while quietly watching will reveal its route and favourite ‘watching’ posts.

On Sunday we walked along for a couple of miles with the family. We saw no-one else – it was so peaceful. Our plan was to walk until the bridge in the picture below, then change our direction and walk back through the nature reserve.

The picture shows our point of deviation. Youngest grandson, however, determined that he couldn’t leave the towpath until he had actually reached the furthest bridge. So…. we waited while he ran the last yards


He was still running backwards and forwards when we finished our 5 mile walk.

At the moment I could do with just a little of his energy 😉

Posted for the April A-Z challenge.

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