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The sky above is always changing. In recent years the weather patterns seem to have changed, but I’m not really interested in documenting them for scientific reasons. Blue skies have been the feature of many recent days

I try to take a few photographs at about the same time each day. I document the sky here. People imagine that it always rains in the UK – it may rain a lot in certain parts….. but here we are protected by the North Downs.

Posted for the April A-Z challenge. I won’t be able to travel far, so all posts will relate to my locality in some way.

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6 thoughts on “C for

  1. Love! Love! Love your cloud photos! What a neat idea to document them all on the same page like that. You say you take your photos around the same time each day, do you also take the photo in the same place?

    Stefani | Dreams of Nyssa


    1. Yes, always from the same place. I also document a tree each day – seen from the same spot – and the view from my kitchen window. It has certainly proved that we have more good days than bad 😉


      1. I always thought I would like to do something like that. Unfortunately, my house didn’t come with a good view.


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