A groan, a moan, and …

….that feels better

I used to walk each day with my camera. If you look way back at past posts you will see. Not recently, though. Firstly, that camera gave up on me, and secondly I haven’t been able to walk far as a result of damaging my foot. Now that is on its way to recovery, so the situation will change. I have really missed doing that, and it gave me lots of inspiration for writing too.

Currently my inspiration is local. I mean VERY LOCAL.

This is sort of my ‘studio’ view, but the studio has many other uses too. Photographs are usually taken with the iPhone – it’s what I have to hand always, and whereas my ‘broken’ camera fitted comfortably in my pocket, the new one is too bulky and heavy – and I can’t walk around the house with it slung around my neck. This view gives me a more interesting outlook than you might imagine. It is visited by birds, some of whom nest in the out of sight undergrowth during the spring and summer. It has been a delight to watch babies grow and fly away – and in fact the wood pigeon in the above picture is one from last year’s brood – but from a nest in another part of the garden. If I photographed them all I would be constantly upgrading my iCloud account!


Much of my pleasure has been derived from drinking coffee. Not always with accompaniments, I hasten to add. Usually just black – and two cups! Isn’t that sad? No, not really. I take time to enjoy some peace and quiet and enjoy the solitude in which I choose to drink it.

So, that’s another photo taken with the iPhone, and they are usually good enough for a blog post or two, but just recently they have caused a few problems.

It has always been easy to transfer the photographs to WordPress via the app. A couple of clicks and all is well. However recently I’ve noticed a problem.

Frustratingly one or more is appearing in an unnatural manner as can be seen on the left. The only solution I have found is to edit the offendng picture at source in two or more stages. One stage is not enough! Anyone else having a similar problem? Is it down to WordPress or Apple?

Well, that’s the end of the moan – but what about the groan?

The oven!

Yesterday the door fell off!!

14 thoughts on “A groan, a moan, and …

  1. Enjoy reading your posts. Love having my phone to take photos as i walk around our neighborhood. Haven’t tried uploading directly from my phone to WordPress recently. Don’t have a problem with Facebook. My Android has an edit with the camera, so it’s easy to rotate the photo.


    1. Thanks for dropping in Babs. It’s very frustrating – only happens to one photograph, which is accepted everywhere else in the correct fashion. Of course – I don’t know it’s happened until it’s loaded – so then the editing has to begin. Simple to do – but just a little frustrating! Have a great day.


  2. Not funny, but made me giggle Myfanwy……one thing we cannot lose is a sense of humour.
    Have a wonderful year………and perhaps a new oven door XXXXX


    1. Maybe your oven is saying that it needs a holiday?
      It took me nearly eight months to recover from foot surgery (my surgeon said six, and I thought she was joking…she wasn’t!) Give your body the time it needs to recover…you will enjoy the lack of pain….eventually. Wishing you a Happy and a healthy New Year.

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  3. ❤ I saw a wren from my "office" window two or three weeks ago and can hear a woodpecker drumming as I write this – I love keeping an eye on the world out there!
    Is your foot well enough for a coffee-with-company sometime soon? x

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