Unequal Terms

Two posts in one day? Who would have thought it, and this one is much more interesting than what follows…….

Did you know that today is Blog Action Day?

Have I ever encountered inequality in my life?


Fact, not fiction.

I encounter it every day.

Why? Because I am WOMAN

I deal with it.


There will never be total equality in this world. We all have to deal with whatever……. however.

6 thoughts on “Unequal Terms

  1. It’s weird, I read about so many women saying they are being dealt a bad hand because of their gender and yet I don’t know a single woman out there in the real world who has actually experienced, let alone been traumatised by this. I guess the women I have known either don’t see it that way, or are living a sheltered existence.


    1. Oh, have no doubt – they are out there and I have met them. However, I don’t have time to or inclination to be traumatised by it. Life is too short – I say (for me), just get on with it. There are too many rewards if you look for them – and I mean REAL rewards, not those manipulated by gender.

      Thanks for dropping in.

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  2. I deal with it by behaving and taking it for granted that I am as good and/or bad as anyone else and thus completely equal … I react most surprised when I am not treated as equal… maybe it is being short (‘hey little one’) or growing up with a handicapped brother … but I decided at an early age that I was not more nor less than anyone else :D.
    Sometimes it gets kicked against and there are some dents in it but it will always be there: this feeling of being equal to all my fellow people.

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  3. Inequality, yes. Women not equal, yes. But we can do something about it, yes because we are WOMEN 🙂 we have to empower each other and see first ourselves as equal with everybody before we can claim anything other than what we own.


    1. The important thing is to know that you are equal whatever the perception of others. Life is GREAT, and if they want to waste theirs trying to prove to me that I’m not equal – that’s fine by me. I don’t intend to waste a moment of my precious time.

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