Where I am today!

Well, truth be told – I’m not sure! Where I am, that is.

Some of you know that the months of July and August are Journal months! Prompts are being posted here and as a result some amazing pages have been produced. There are also various blog posts around the interweb that relate to the prompts, and it’s an exercise that I think I will repeat later in the year. Today I decided that instead of writing in my journal I would write a blog post in answer to the prompt – which, selfishly, is aimed specifically at TODAY – as it is my birthday!

The prompts were written (and scheduled) before the event started. It’s the only way I could consider doing it – this post, however, has only been written within the last few days. I was hoping that something would ‘slip’ and I might have an inkling of something going on!

As a family we don’t really celebrate birthdays. My other half, who is so good in so many ways, almost always forgets. Our son and family will be away on holiday – and our daughter will be busily working – Friday is her busiest day of the week. So, I will probably be celebrating on my own, but who cares – I won’t actually feel any different to yesterday and instead of another year – it’s only another day for which to be thankful.

When my mother reached just a little less than the age I am now she made the decision that she would start to count backwards. That means that as far as she is concerned she is 24. I’m beginning to wish that I’d done the same – I’d almost be reaching the prime of my life ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post (yes, there really is one) which is to answer the prompt.

In the good old days of my childhood my birthday invariable fell in the week of the Summer Bank Holiday. Yes, I really am old enough to remember that once upon a time the Bank Holiday was the first, not the last, Monday of August. It was also usually a fine and sunny day. Now it isn’t just my imagination that’s telling me that – it’s the fact that my birthday party was usually a picnic at Newlands Corner – and I can assure you that Newlands Corner was no place to be on a wet summer’s day when there were a number of children to entertain.

(I would have added a photograph here to show you the beauty of the place, but as it was taken from a spot owned by the National Trust I have refrained and this link will have to do instead. Apparently the NT claim copyright of all photographs taken of or from any of their properties. That might just be hearsay – but I’m not about to risk one of my photographs – it might also be useful information for you too)

Our car was large. It was old, and probably an Austin. No seat belts and no upper speed limit on the main roads – but we rarely travelled above 30. The roads were twisty and with a car load of children – always on their best behaviour, of course – and a massive picnic it’s honest to say that it wasn’t the most comfortable of journeys….

And so, on this particular occasion, we arrived. Children went off to play amongst the trees and the adults (just Mum and Dad) prepared the picnic. Sandwiches, sausage rolls, stuffed celery (my favourite – just bite-sized chunks of celery stuffed with grated cheese, nothing fancy), scones, birthday cake……

The cake was often a marbled cake – vanilla, chocolate and raspberry – but on the occasion I have in mind to everyone’s horror IT HAD BEEN LEFT BEHIND!

Someone was not happy


Hearing everyone sing Happy Birthday (please don’t do that now, though, – apparently that is now under copyright to Disney, so be warned…..) while I munched celery just wasn’t the same, even if the cake was safe and waiting for our return home.

I am ashamed to say that I sulked.

I sat in the car and sulked

Everyone else had a really good time

But I sulked………………….

However, the cake WAS waiting when we got home. They all sang that song again (I won’t mention which one, just in case ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  ) and gradually I began to realise how stupid I had been.

I won’t say it was the LAST time I sulked – but I didn’t do it very often – and I honestly can’t remember when I did it last. One thing is sure, though, even if I’m at home washing dishes as you read this – I’m not going to sulk today….. I’m just going to enjoy whatever I’m doing because in truth I have a pretty good life each day – and today?

Well, it’s just another day, isn’t it……?

Happy Birthday to all other celebrants today – especially this one ๐Ÿ™‚


16 thoughts on “Where I am today!

    1. Ha! Well, both my son and daughter remembered….

      I will say no more at this stage ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thank you. You are sounding much more like your old self – glad to see you are surfacing again.


  1. Happy birthday Any photo you take outside of someone’s house is yours and you have sole ownership of it. If you are in someone’s house, you have to ask permission to photograph their animals, children, chairs, dirt etc. So the National Trust can’t own anything you take in the form of photography. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Al.

      Do you know, that’s exactly what I thought. But dear old NT has recently taken a blogger to court – and won!

      Guess which charity I won’t be supporting……….!


      1. Well done, Al, thanks for that. I’ve just heard that it costs over ยฃ2000 a night to stay in one of their properties – per person. That’s just the cost of the room – no food included………


      2. And they still expect people to give them money as a charity. It is pathetic! They are just money grabbing … fatherless people.


  2. Happy birthday here too Myfanwy :).
    Like your story and it reminds me of my own capacity (of old) to sulk. I would just sit there with this burning feeling of resentment …. tsk tsk tsk … those days are over thankfully and I now just say what is what most of the time. Don’t know what’s worse actually hehehehe …
    I agree with your view of birthdays not being any different really … it is just a cultural habit I suppose. It is nice though when somebody makes a little bit of a fuss. I always enjoyed the kids’ home made birthday cards – they could be extremely funny.
    Hope you have a little bit of nice fuss today ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. You are correct Myfanwy. We are working with the NT for an exhibition and I had to apply to use an image for a crazy patchwork piece that will be exhibited in the premises. I didn’t have to pay just fill in a form and explain why I wanted the image and they sent it to me. It wasn’t a photo I had taken but a very old one that can be seen in the house. That is when we found out about their copyright policies.

    BTW I am sure you will have had a great day, whatever you have been doing.


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