I’ve just realised that it’s Thursday

Yes, it’s true, it was Thursday when I woke – and I knew it was that day of the week. I’ve been realising that it was Thursday all day – but I’ve just realised that it’s


I don’t watch much television. There are all sorts of reasons why, but I won’t go into those here, they are pretty boring in all honesty. I don’t know a lot about many programmes – but even if I don’t know much about the programme it is a sure thing to say that the sound of the introductory music of certain programmes is a definite prompt to turn OFF.

And that is how I suddenly remembered that it is THURSDAY

THURSDAY usually means that David Dimbleby must be avoided at all costs, however, having looked at the schedule (the first time this year) I see that he doesn’t appear to be part of this evenings viewing. What on earth will I do after the 10pm news which I always miss anyway?

Anything you will be missing tonight? As a non-TV watcher for 98% of the time I’ll probably be joining you.


8 thoughts on “I’ve just realised that it’s Thursday

  1. I saw Fox News at a friend’s in the States on my first day there, followed by one of the worse soaps I’d ever seen. I survived without ever watching TV for 14 years. When I moved in with my boyfriend he had a TV set that was meant exclusively for watching videos then DVDs (came with the job), but it wasn’t hooked up to an antenna. On 9/11 my sister called and screamed turn your TV on. I hung up, took a coat hanger and saw the first plane crash into the World Trade Center. We kept the TV on, weeping for three days running, went to vigils, then disconnected the coat hanger and never reconnected it.
    I get my news from the papers and when something of importance happens, I go online.
    For 14 years people thought we were barmy. How do you live without watching TV? They asked. “I just live” I answered.


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