100 Steps – April

And now for something just a little different.

Today we met our family for lunch. We celebrated two birthdays – two generations in fact, and had a lovely time. A cooked lunch on a Sunday is a rarerity. Our main meal of the day is usually in the evening, nothing to prepare tonight, though. Instead of travelling home by the direct route we took a ramble around the countryside. It was almost a Sunday afternoon drive (the weather was perfect for such an event) but our way was more directed – we were visiting a friend who has a farm.

The farmhouse is surrounded by a perfect cottage garden. The plants are all waking up but two, by the gate, were absolutely stunning.

I couldn’t resist a closeup of one.


The flowers reminded me of little ballet dancers.

Normally I take detailed shots for my 100 steps. Today, though, I was too involved in the general views. And why not? Just look at what was in store just a few steps away from the trees

However, only a few more steps and we were able to see the reason for our visit today

And all within 100 steps

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  1. Wow! What a great photo collection. I’m all smiling here… Thank you for visiting my other blog (ASpringEnclosed.com) and leaving me a message. I so appreciate it. I’m following you too. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Jenn, I couldn’t find a follow by email widget on your blog – I’m following in a reader. If you add one, let me know. Here’s to a great 201


      1. That’s right, you can’t. It’s because it’s not on wordpress.com (it’s on wordpress.org). That’s why I didn’t enroll 201 with that site, but the jenndonneo.com. There is a follow me button though. 🙂 I am planning to use it for other topics… Not too personal but a motivational kind of blog. BTW, is that your name, Nuvofelt? I couldn’t find it at your ‘about me’.


      1. That’s a really long way away from where I live. Which I’d really rather not give a location to. After all, you never know when a would-be stalker will look on a website and find out where you are because you put the location on the internet. It’s not that I think that everyone is a stalker, but one can never be too careful, you know. Let’s just say there’s an ocean between there and where I live.


      2. Everyone knows where I am, that’s the trouble with an online business and shop ….. However, the place we visited isn’t that close! (But there isn’t an ocean between either)


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