What fun was had by all!

Last weekend saw another of the Be Creative Weekends on Facebook. It was a little odd for me because I was unexpectedly away from home so couldn’t follow in the usual fashion – even though I had organised it. However, it all passed without a hitch and work is still ongoing on many of the projects.

This time I added a twist to one of the prompts. Small pieces of Art are being produced and then ‘LOST’ in various places and left waiting to be ‘FOUND’. It’s an exercise that has created fun over many years, and I decided after a very successful exchange of postcards last month that the group was ready to take things a step further. Some of the pieces are already ‘lost’, others are travelling to their losing destination as I write, and still more are in various stages of construction. You can see some items here (all photographs supplied by the participants) and it will be worth looking again in a few days as more and more will be added. More information about the towns etc will be forthcoming too, you never know, you might find one.


6 thoughts on “What fun was had by all!

  1. Hi there, thanks for your kind words about my blog and the advice about the camera. I don’t quite get how things work on “create a day,” but I will keep looking. I’ve followed your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!


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