The Pen Pal Project

Put pen to paper? When did you last do it?


Who under the age of 30 these days knows firsthand what a pen pal is (as in: real pen, real paper?) Modern technology is groovy, she says in her best baby boomer voice, but I miss the art of sending, and especially receiving, hand written correspondence. Nothing but bills in the mailbox gets discouraging, but a hand written card brightens the day!!

So – write to me and I will write back. If we have interesting things to chat about, perhaps we’ll keep up the correspondence. Or I’ll connect you with someone who is interested in such. I’m especially looking for anyone who is feeling alone or discouraged – but really, anyone who wants to send/receive a note qualifies. Let’s get the world a bit more personally connected!!

There are just 2 rules.

1) Write on a card, note, scroll, napkin – it doesn’t matter as long as it is HAND written…

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10 thoughts on “The Pen Pal Project

      1. Looking forward to next week and your prompts! Will email on your website work for this blog?
        Going out (now) into the summer heat to mail to Marianne (Aren’t I virtuous!! hehehe)


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