Dear Barclays Bank

I do not bank with Barclays

I don’t intend to bank with Barclays

How many spam mails will I receive before the spammers give up?

They appear in my inbox on a regular basis. Today I have had 26

I don’t even have an online bank, and I don’t want one. But I have to admit that my delete finger hurts!

Added at 18.39 – 2 minutes after posting – I’ve just had another!


10 thoughts on “Dear Barclays Bank

  1. I have the same problem with Chase (an American Bank). In the US the junk mail laws are also looser than those in the civilized world, so we get a TON of junk mail too! Drives me bonkers.


  2. Hi Myfanwy,

    I get lots too and some are quite clever. I fell for one once that appeared to be from Paypal. I was half asleep and it was a good one. I had to go to Paypal and change my password. I realised a few seconds too late. I have 121 emails in my spam folder now. I have to look through them just in case something slipped in there I do want to read!


  3. I have had a couple of deliveries go astray and I needed to phone them. Of course, these were deliveries in a different country.

    I get a lot of paypal, barclays, natwest, plus the one I do bank with. If I ever want to check them, I enter the email address manually.

    One way you can reduce it, on your blog and website, change how your email address is. Have it as (something like) myfanwy(at)myemail(dot)com also remove your email address from sight on Facebook or anywhere else.


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