100 Steps – January

I promised you another, but I didn’t expect to write one quite so quickly. However, ‘more of the same’ that I saw yesterday has prompted this post.

It rained, but in spite of that we set off for a walk in our nature reserve. Part of our route was along the stream that I showed you on Saturday. We weren’t the first to walk that way – evidence had been left – and it was by no means the first time I have seen this residue. All the following photographs were taken within 100 steps!

Personally, I love oranges, but I wouldn’t dream of discarding the peel like this. It happens on a regular basis. I’m guessing that it’s a jogger. I just hope they are organic – who knows what sprays could have been used because one thing is for sure. Oranges aren’t indiginous!

I’m looking forward to seeing your 100 steps. Don’t forget to link back here so that I can come and find you.

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