100 Steps – A review and a New Start

My walking has continued for several months now. Regular visits to our nature reserve have enabled me to make the most of the changing seasons. Sometimes I have been accompanied by a friend or my DH and occasionally by family. More often than not, though, I have been on my own. Today’s 100 Steps is slightly more unusual than my previous posts in this series as you will soon see.

I have lived in this area for many years. Our children were brought up here, and the nature reserve has been a part of our lives since before it was given the SSSI classification. In recent years it has been managed more productively and changes have been made to stop the buildup of silt. Much of this has been related to what is known as the Gelvert Stream. It flows from Army land near Aldershot under the Basingstoke Canal and on into the lake. One of the direct (marked) routes around the site follows this stream along its length. It runs through woodland and some of the photographs of fungi that are on this site were taken while walking beside it.

In the middle of December we went on such a walk with our son and youngest grandchildren


Notice the thick leaves on the path.

Now jump forward to Christmas Eve


Heavy rain had made the tree stump inaccessible


Three days later the floods had gone – and so too have the leaves.


Yesterday the stream was once again overflowing but in spite of very heavy rain overnight the view this morning was not quite so wet.


The water is still very high and who knows what the next few days hold.

The area I’ve shown you today is less than 100 steps from start to finish. I’ve shown you closeups of various things, within that distance, several times in this series and no doubt I’ll show you again, but I wanted to use today to demonstrate that it’s never safe to presume that what you pass today will be there tomorrow. Make the most of your camera – take 100 steps and let us see what you find. I’m planning on at least one ‘100 steps’ each month – but as an extra I’ll be doing a more detailed one within the month of January. I hope you will join me. Please link back if you do.


8 thoughts on “100 Steps – A review and a New Start

  1. Myfanwy I think this is my favourite so far! I love the way you ‘ve catalogued the changes over just three weeks, nature is amazing. I will definitely be joining you for virtual 100 steps this year ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I really look forward to that, Gilly. I’ve been amazed and filled with wonder at some of the things I’ve witnessed this year. I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks. We don’t realise just how quickly things change….. Thanks for visiting.


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