There are bags, and then there are BAGS!

Way back in the summer we went to an Exhibition and I made up my mind to buy myself a bag. Somehow, although it was reserved, it slipped through my fingers and I never did get it.

Until Monday! 🙂

I once again met the maker, my friend Alison, and now I’m the proud owner of the most useful bag I’ve found.

Alison Hulme 2

Alison Hulme was one of the students that graduated from Eastleigh College textiles degree course this year. She designs and makes these bags from scratch. The outer fabric is screenprinted with her own designs,


and mine is a beautiful dark navy with cream.


Lined with ticking, it is the most capacious bag with comfortable STRONG handles,


and I LOVE IT! Take a look at her site and email her for one – they are very good value. She also makes Pinnys. She’s making me one of those too. 🙂   Tell her I sent you, but not too loudly or she might tell you a few of my secrets…….. You know what they say….. ‘You can never have too many bags!’

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