I need your help


You have seen these before. I don’t think I told you much about them – and that’s because they are really just samples in preparation for a new body of work. I’ve done a few more since then, and am slowly working my way, now around stitching techniques.


I spent some time this afternoon creating a few more surfaces – both fabric and paper – like the above. I’ll probably collage a few of them to get the feel of the colours and textures, and then it will time to get on with the stitching. The project is around Dementia and Alzheimers. As I’ve mentioned before my mother has the disease, and I know that it has had an emotional effect on every member of our family. I also know that there are more and more families being affected, and from what we hear the situation will become more and more widespread.

Have you been affected? If so I’d love to hear from you. I would like to hear about thoughts and feelings specifically, but anything you want to add will be treated in the strictest confidence. Some words might be included in the finished artwork, but anonymously and only with permission. If you aren’t specifically affected but know someone who is, please will you point them to this blog – or to the page accessed via the header above.

This will be a longterm project. If you wish to add to your initial information you can do so at any time. Please pass the word.

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