100 Steps – December

We live in a beautiful area and only a very short walk from a nature reserve which is also a site of special scientific interest (SSSI). I’ve spent many happy hours walking along the paths that interweave and circuit the lake. The scenery changes with the seasons, and recently a fair amount of management has revealed new vistas.

Part of the area borders the rail line. Separated by a fence there is also access via two sets of steps from the station car park. One of these is currently blocked due to a construction project


These steps are exactly half way from my chosen starting point for this particular 100 steps, which started at the point pictured below.


This is a favourite feeding station! Our grandchildren love to watch the wildfowl from here. A few Canada Geese remain, but most have flown away for the winter. There are a number of swans, many mallards, coots and moorhens, and, many visitors here until spring.


As you can see, the path is very close to the chain link fence that borders the rail line. The vegetation on this side is very scrubby, but the robin doesn’t mind.


This is his view of the opposite side of the path.


Just a few steps further and the setting sun shone through the trees. Just a few short weeks ago this view was blocked by dense foliage


Half way, and apart from the steps this sign reminds undesirables that drinking is not allowed. The signs obviously work, I’ve never seen anyone ‘indulging’


This walk revealed more general views than usual because so much of the banks have been cleared.


I was now almost at the end of 100 steps, and that was just as well because the sun was sinking fast. It’s still a fairly long walk home, so I couldn’t dawdle any longer.


One last look, and a promise to return soon.

December is a busy month, but if you have time to take 100 steps please link back here so that I can come and visit. More details, and a link to other posts, can be found here.

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