A Christmas Reblog

Well, it’s over two years since I first blogged the following and I make no apologies for posting it again. A lot has happened since then. When I wrote it we had been warned that my mother had only a couple of weeks to live. She is still with us. I’m more than two years older, so now the first paragraph is said with even more feeling. (It is an ‘open’ plea to my children 😉 .)  As for the rest…….

‘Yes, I’m growing older.  One day I’ll be really old, and then you will have to make up your minds what you do with me.  I ask one thing.  Please don’t send me anywhere where I am obliged to play Bingo……………………………………….

Today I was shopping at the supermarket.  There was a collection point for items to be included in parcels as gifts for the elderly.  I glanced into the box as we went in – it was full of the cheapest possible tins of baked beans and peas.  The whole thing seemed a pointless exercise.  The recipients, presuming they are on a limited income, probably spend their lives eating the cheapest beans or peas, why, then, would they want the same as a gift?  I remember my mother being on the receiving end of one of these packages a while ago.  Cheap tea bags, cheap beans, cheap peas and cheap tissues.  I had contributed a whole box (48) of chocolate to the same charity, none in her box and none of her friends received one either, all packages contained the same as hers.  The parcels were presented at a Christmas party for the elderly, it was the only one she ever attended.

If you are adding anything to such a collection this year I just ask that you think twice before throwing in ‘just anything’.  I don’t contribute any more.  I put together a package and leave it for an elderly neighbour.’

15 thoughts on “A Christmas Reblog

  1. Good thinking. A bit sad to read, though…is this what they get for Christmas? People who have worked their whole life and get nothing of that little extra that others get at Christmas.


    1. Many charities collect outside supermarkets etc, and this is the sort of thing people toss in as they pass. I just think it’s so sad, and that they are worth so much more. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. That’s a wonderful idea, to give to people around you, like you do with your neighbor. Thank you for doing that. You’re making one more person in this world a little happier.


  3. Glad you posted it again, I didn’t see it last year! We go through a charity where we pick a family or a senior person and they have a list that the family/person needs. Sometimes it is to help pay their utility bill for the month, prescription bill or food items or clothes for the children. And toys too, of course.. 🙂 I like the idea of you leaving a package for an elderly neighbor.


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