OK, so you know I’m odd :)

Yesterday we visited Salisbury. We have great affection for the city as DH lived there for a while, and his parents were residents for many years. We were near the cathedral


and I took this picture from the passenger seat of the car as we drove away.

I was unsure of the finished result until I saw it on the computer, but I love the way the sunlight is just hinting from behind the spire – and the tiny flecks of daylight (behind the tree) that were a total surprise. Most of all, though, I like the way the scaffolding, of all things, is a horizontal foil to the vertical of the main construction.

As I said…… you know I’m odd πŸ™‚

(And Janet, if you are reading this, ask me if I’ve used the design elements herein when we finally have that lunch πŸ˜‰ )

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