Strike while the iron is hot.

Actually, there isn’t any ironing involved for me at this stage, but when it comes to preparation it’s just a question of getting on with it. So, instead of just talking about the new project I’ve actually started it.

The first stage is to work on the back. Yes, the BACK! Why? Well that will become apparent as I get a little further down the road, in the meantime, this will be the back



It’s a piece of wrinkled and crinkled cotton, a very fine cotton, and the texture is as a result of the dyeing process. At the moment it’s just as I want it. It won’t stay that way for ever, you will see how it changes way down the line.

So, the first stage is to tack it to another piece of cotton – one that’s slightly heavier.



This shows how fine the cotton is – it only has to be tacked around the edge at the moment – and I’m almost half way! If I get any further I’ll show you, but not tomorrow, because that is Wordless Wednesday 😉

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