Grumpy Old Woman

Well, it’s better that I give myself the title!

Just a reminder – it’s November 21st.

And I’ve already had far more than I can stand of all Christmas Advertising. TV seems to be showing an abundance of adverts interspersed with a few moments of odd programmes, and most of the latter are repeats. Needless to say there is no mention of the real reason for Christmas

Yesterday our town switched on the Christmas lights. This involved 12 hours of total road closures for Health and Safety.

Grumpy Old Woman?

VERY Grumpy Old Woman.

13 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Woman

  1. Having passed a house with full Xmas decorations,Santas etc tonight I cannot agree more.
    Its not even December yet !!!


    1. I’ve decided I’m not buying any presents from stores that play Christmas music this year. I don’t like music in stores at the best of times – and have been known to complain – I tell the shopkeepers that that’s why I’m not buying from them. See, I really AM a Grumpy Old Woman. πŸ™‚


  2. According to ‘Woman’s Hour’ on Radio 4 last week the launching of the Christmas TV ads is now an ‘event’ that apparently we are all interested in – really? Some of us are obviously living in a parallel universe, not sure which one is reality these days.


  3. At least we’ve got REAL Snow !! since my husband’s Birthday at the beginning of the week ΓΌ to go with Christmas Reindeer and the lights…haven’t seen many yet in Rural Bourg en Bresse region of France 2hrs north of Geneva


  4. ha, ha. You’ve got company. I can be a grumpy old woman too. This particular issue hasn’t sent me over the edge though. I guess with my fibromyalgia, I’m just glad if I get the decor up before Christmas, not after. With that perspective, I kind of enjoy others’ early decorating. There are several houses in our neighborhood that have already put up lights and such. One house even had their tree up and lit.

    but hey! you’re entitled to fuss about anything you like…as long as I can do the same… πŸ˜†


    1. At least you have the excuse of Thanksgiving πŸ˜‰

      Over here it seems as though the only reason for Christmas is that they can start advertising Easter Eggs on Dec 26th!

      You can moan all you like……….. πŸ˜†


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