Can you vote? How do you feel about gagging? Please read

I’ve been out all day, but have come home to the following email. If you can vote in the UK please read carefully and respond.


‘Tomorrow, MPs start debating the gagging law. [1] The government wants to rush it through parliament. [2] Our best hope of stopping them is to make sure MPs realise just what a dodgy law they are being asked to vote for. Please can you email your MP now and help build the pressure?

If passed, the gagging law would have a chilling effect on our democracy. From May 2014, draconian new rules would prevent non-politicians from speaking up on the big issues of the day. A huge range of campaign groups and charities – everyone from The Royal British Legion, to Oxfam, to the RSPB – are warning about the threat this poses. [3]

MPs need to know we won’t stand for this – so please take a minute to email yours before Tuesday’s debate:

It’s telling that so many groups who wouldn’t normally agree with each other have united to oppose the gagging law. Groups that speak out in favour of hunting, windfarms, HS2 or building more houses are joining together with groups who say exactly the opposite. [4]

That’s because there’s one thing we should all be able to agree on: in a healthy democracy, everyone should able to express their views. And everyone should be allowed to get organised to highlight what politicians are saying and doing on the issues that matter to them.

Politics is too important to leave to political parties. When we speak up about decisions that affect us and the future of our country, we can often change things for the better. Are politicians really so arrogant as to think the UK would be better off if all these groups were blocked from campaigning?

Let’s come together quickly and tell MPs that this gagging law must not be passed. The first vote is on Tuesday, so please email your MP now:


I’m off to add my voice now.

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