It’s done!

I know that you are all healthy and fit, so my little effort today will seem very meagre, but I’ve done it. I walked 5k in my virtual walking race, and the pictures above are a few that I took on the way. I did it in 66 minutes, and maybe I could have done it a little faster if I hadn’t taken my camera, but my aim was to DO it – not break a record.

Since then I’ve also walked to the local shop, a distance of about 2 miles. Now I’m suffering! My back is playing up, and I should have taken pain killers before I left. However, the ‘training regime for the 5k was so gradual that I haven’t needed to take medication before or after each session. I was just a little too ambitious today, but I’m sure I’ll live to tell the tale. If anyone wants to follow the same plan you can find it here.

What’s next? Well, first of all a cup of tea, and then I’ll think about the next step. I think I’ll be walking this distance quite often, especially while the weather holds. I missed the rain, just as well, I forgot my raincoat.

17 thoughts on “It’s done!

      1. So now I run on the treadmill , bike , hike and elliptical plus my gal Shalene from Beach Body to try and catch up!


      2. I’m hoping this might lead to me being more active. I’ll certainly keep up with the walking. I just wish my thyroid had been sorted sooner. Never mind, we are there now.


  1. Well done you that’s great! Not everyone is fit and healthy, I’m not too bad, I can walk miles but asthma makes me struggle with hills, but walking is the very best exercise and its free!


    1. I used to love walking. I’m finding the joy has returned since my health has been ‘sorted’. This was a good way to build up stamina. If we do get a holiday I know I’ll enjoy the walking now. Thanks for commenting, I’ve had so much encouragement.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! Not just for finishing the 5k, but for sticking with the training regime. Personally, I love walking, but I have to admit that hills are not my friends, and I’ll never be known for speed – so I’m in total sympathy with the idea of “DO it (rather than) break a record”.

    Would you mind sharing your training regime with us (or, if you posted it somewhere else, just aim me in that direction with a swift kick in the pants as appropriate)?


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