Stress and a Limerick

I have had a very stressful and worrying few weeks, no need to burden anyone, but today I am feeling more stressed than ever. It will pass, and I’m not really worried. However, it isn’t a state in which I often find myself. Nothing to do with the situation, but all this probably shows in the following rather tasteless Limerick which was written as a response to Harry’s challenge.

When taking a walk or a hike
With someone you don’t really like,
The pond is the place
If you run out of grace
You can feed them head first to the Pike!

I’ll find my grace soon, but at the moment it is being sadly tried. Maybe it’s partly because my current ‘theme’ of artwork is ‘Alzheimers’. Here’s just a quick glimpse.


It won’t mean much to you in this form, but maybe I’ll show you more in the near future. I’m ‘Artist in Residence’ at Missenden Abbey on Tuesday, I’ll have some of it with me and will hopefully be doing more while I’m there. If you are in the neighbourhood why not come and see what’s going on? Just ask at reception and they’ll tell you where to find me.

7 thoughts on “Stress and a Limerick

  1. Wish I could be there with you, not just as you celebrate being “Artist in Residence”, but to give you a supporting hug to know you are not alone in your burdens. Wishing you luck, and sending prayers to help you through this difficult time.


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