Earlier this year we had a bump with the car.

It was a small(ish) bump, we weren’t hurt because we weren’t in the car. It was correctly parked outside a house we were visiting. The ‘bumper’ was someone that lived nearby and everything was settled amicably in a relatively short space of time. By the middle of March it was all over and done with.

Or was it?

Did you know that you can claim compensation? Did you know that it’s easy? Did you know that results are guaranteed, and that you can receive UPWARDS of £10,000?

Regularly, at least three times a day, we receive calls from a ‘PRIVATE NUMBER’ informing us of this. The numbers are impossible to trace, but, frankly, they are beginning to wear us down. We stopped answering anything that was announced as such, but we lost custom as some ordinary people opt into the same service.

The interesting thing is, though, that all the callers have a Liverpudlian accent. They are either ‘Scousers’ or have been very well trained to imitate them. Why is this interesting?

The insurance company of the ‘guilty’ party is none other than LIVERPOOL VICTORIA!

We don’t refer to the ‘bump’ as such any more. We now call it the CONcident. I’m sure there is something we can do, but at the moment I don’t have the energy to investigate. So, if you know….


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