100 Steps

It’s been a while since I posted one of my little escapades. Believe it or not I have several ‘in the wings’ so to speak. Photographs safely filed in little folders on my computer, but no time to crop and finalise them.

Yesterday I went for my constitutional in the usual way. I think I’ve told you before that I have a number of walks ‘mapped out’ according to time. One of them takes me to the very edge of the local nature reserve. In effect part of it is on the outer perimeter and  runs along the back of the few houses that edge our environment. Here is what I saw – and I warn you, it is very green!

My starting point was at the base of this pine tree. So much lush growth around the bottom, a contrast to the dark green above. From here the path is straight before turning to the left. It is bordered on the right by a small fence that marks the edge of the nature reserve.


I was particularly struck by the lushness of the greens, and the plants that were growing indicated that the area is very fertile.


Nettles abound, so expect to see more 😉

I kept my eyes down for most of the time, however, a scratching noise told me that I wasn’t alone

This little fellow stayed absolutely still for several seconds before scurrying away into the brances.

And so I came to the end of the 100 steps. Pausing only to take a backwards shot 100 steps 032(you can see the original tree that marks my starting point in the centre of the picture) I went on my merry way feeling really thankful that I live in an area that abounds in walks like this. I’m making the most of them on dry days, when it rains some of them are a quagmire.

Hope you manage 100 steps soon..

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