The passage of time

A while ago I met up with friends from school. Some were instantly recognisable, but others less so, hardly surprising after 40 years. It was interesting to hear how all our lives had changed and I am now in more regular touch with several of the crowd

I was well educated at a Roman Catholic Convent, although I was not a member of that church. The teaching staff were dedicated, mostly nuns, but a few lay staff too. Four of our former teachers travelled to the reunion, and it was amazing to hear how their lives had changed over the years, although they were still members of the same religious order. You can see them, seated, in the photograph below.


It’s fair to say that the four that joined us on that day, had a great influence on my education, and it was a pleasure to meet up with them again. One of them was our former Head Teacher. Sadly I heard that she died yesterday.


I have no idea how old she was, but she influenced many lives. She had a surprising sense of humour, and that is how I would like to remember her.

Rest in peace, Mother Colombiere

11 thoughts on “The passage of time

  1. How nice that you had the oportunity to visit with her once again before she died. What fun this reunion must have been. My family isn’t Catholic but my nephew and niece are getting a great Catholic school education. Nuns took wonderful care of my twin sister when she was a baby and toddler and lived in the hospital. I even had my own special nun at the time although I have no memory of her. Might be why I always thought I should have been Catholic but we were Southern Baptist. I claim no religious persuasion now except Jesus Christ.


    1. Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. Amen. There is something special about the person that dedicates their life to a Calling. Thanks for commenting.


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