How many men? Or – Capture the moment, June # 13a

Last autumn the main road from here to town was resurfaced.


The work had been a traumatic experience for many people. There are 12 roads that feed into this particular road, some with no other point of access, and several of them were closed at one time. The finished work so badly done that within days the surface had begun to lift, and within a month large potholes had appeared. It must have cost the council thousands, but no-one checked and no redress given – until members of the public complained to their Councillors. Finally it was agreed that the whole job would be redone – at no further cost. Guess what? It began yesterday.

Chaos doesn’t even vaguely describe what went on. Firstly, only about 20 people were informed. Why waste money on informing people if you are doing a job for nothing? This meant that everyone who was trying to get to work, school, the shops – or anywhere – was faced with a ROAD CLOSED sign, and no way out. There were arguments, lots of shouting, and a very large noisy road vehicle maintaining its presence in no uncertain fashion. All they did was remove the top surface from a third of the length of the road, and today they have embarked upon the second stage – the middle third.

June 2013 029a

This morning I had to go to the dentist. It’s along the above mentioned road, and well within walking distance. Just as well! It was an opportunity to see what was going on and estimate when the work might be finished…….

What did i see?

A series of road blocks – each road that was blocked had two men positioned handily to remove the barriers for passing motorists…… I counted 14. I think the second man was there to keep the first awake. Total – 14

A large machine (I’m sure it has a technical name, but who cares?) This had one driver. It also had another man who looked intently at the treads, one to press buttons, a couple more to chat amongst themselves at the back and one more who just seemed to be there to make up the numbers. Total – 4 Some of them are on the pavement in the photograph below

June 2013 030

8 pickup trucks. These all had their lights flashing. No drivers – but at least two men per vehicle standing around. They weren’t drinking tea, but they could have just finished. One vehicle had 3 said men. Total – 19

1 roadsweeping vehicle. Very important. The road must be clean for the large machine. 1 driver, looking out of the window – two men talking to him as he drove. Total  – 3 (could one of them have been ‘Health and Safety’?

Various cars with yellow flashing lights. Yes, cars, not trucks or vans. I know I saw 6, there may have been more, but they kept moving up and down the road as though it was too far to walk. Each car had two people, we’ll be kind and say 6 cars. Total 12

There was also one man sweeping the grit, etc, off the pavement. Total 1

There were other men, too. All (including the above) wearing yellow hard hats.

So, the answer to my question above is – at least 53 😉

Please take a look here for today’s creativity.

9 thoughts on “How many men? Or – Capture the moment, June # 13a

  1. They did the same thing here including huge night lights that illuminated my entire home. It took three L O N G days !


      1. UGH..I do not miss it. However in my little town is the PGA and my street is completely clogged..Not sure which is worse…


  2. How funny! We had 4 men outside today doing “something” (no idea what) down the manhole opposite my house. This also involved lots of standing around and very many road warning signs – this is a small cul-de-sac, one of which was placed helpfully at the end of my drive where it was totally invisible to everyone (apart from my husband from his office) because it was obscured by my daughters car and my hedge! Still don’t know what they were doing.


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