The Answer is NO! Or Capture the Moment May #13

A while ago I was asked to make some bunting for my grand-daughter. I finished it today. It was an experience that I did not enjoy.

You would think it was an easy task, wouldn’t you? Cut the fabric, stitch the fabric, hang it up. That’s all there is too it.

Or is it?

Well, first the fabric. The one we chose was not easy to locate. No local shop had it and finally I was informed that it had been so popular every shop in the world had sold out. That may or may not be true, who knows, but eventually I did find some, and the cost implied that it was in the ‘if you don’t get it from here you won’t get it at all’ category..

So, pattern made (a whole sheet of A4 paper folded and cut to shape) I proceeded to cut into the fabric. At this point I discovered that He who shall be nameless had been using my ‘Don’t Touch!’ scissors, and the cuts were not all they should have been. Sharpening helped, but frankly I was beginning to become quite disheartened about the whole exercise.

Next stitching. Now things began to go smoothly. The sewing machine stitched like a dream, fronts were stitched to backs in record time and as for the turning! Well, I was amazed at just how easy it was once the excess seam had been suitably trimmed. Now to attach to the tape.

The fabric is a heavy furnishing cotton. I had chosen a tape of similar weight and they went together perfectly. In fact, they went together just a little too well. You see, I had also chosen the perfect thread! I couldn’t see where the thread began and the tape and fabric ended. As I was stitching by candle light the new money saving light bulbs I couldn’t see what I was doing. I should have started in daylight – but it was only a half hour job, wasn’t it?

Daylight came. Yes, first thing this morning I attacked the project again. My goodness! Yes, that thread does match. Even the long ‘uncut’ trails vanished – yes, in daylight! Finally, and with only half an hour of stitching the flags were completed and are now awaiting delivery.


They actually look rather pretty, and I will take a proper picture when they are hanging up. However, will I make some for you? The answer is in the title.

Will I make some for other grandchildren? Of course I will. Just as long as ‘He’ stays away from ‘My’ scissors 😉

9 thoughts on “The Answer is NO! Or Capture the Moment May #13

  1. We have a strict rule about my fabric scissors – about the only rule the other half hasn’t stretched at one time or another – perhaps because I threatened punishment for transgression with a sharp implement! Nice bunting.


  2. Way back in time I had the most lovely little expensive embroidery scissors that I bought when I did Honiton lace classes, and a certain ‘he’ wrecked them!


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