Capture the Moment, April #24

Voice on phone ‘Madam, you have problems with your Windows’

Me ‘Yes, but don’t worry the cleaner is coming this week’

Voice on phone ‘No, Madam, you need to go to your computer, your Windows is having problems

Me ‘ Don’t have a window on my computer

Voice on phone ‘Madam you must be using a window I can tell that you have problems

Me ‘Thank you for calling but we have had the same window cleaner for 17 years and we don’t need a new one. There won’t be a problem once they are cleaned’

Voice on phone ‘Madam, your computer Windows is have a terrible problem.’

Me ‘Sorry, the fault must be at your end. Can I help you with it? If you would just like to give me your credit card number I’m sure I can sort it for you’

End of call.

Well, we have our internet back, but we are changing our provider within the next couple of weeks, so we’ll see what happens over the next short while. Good to be back with you all. I’ll get around to answering comments when I’ve caught up with mail.

10 thoughts on “Capture the Moment, April #24

  1. Very good! I got a similar call, not long ago. Was meaning to say that I had 95 windows, but I asked them if I could just call them back in a minute, and then they hung up.


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