If you read yesterday’s post, and the comments, I want to assure you that you don’t need to run and hide. There is nothing untoward about this revelation! In fact, although it isn’t fully finished, I’m hoping you will quite like it.

Many of you will know that we often travel around the country displaying our wares.



We lay our stock out on tables which are draped with one of my hand dyed cloths. This is the one that I have used most recently, although if the space is smaller there is another that I use. I decided it was time for a change……


Freshly dyed, rinsed and just pegged onto the line, here it is – REVEALED

It will need a fair bit or ironing! It is VERY long. However, it will be premiered at the Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta next week. Are you going? You’ll know what to look for if you are – please come and say ‘Hello’. It’s a show that’s worth a visit if you are ‘into’ crafty bits of textiles in any shape or form. I’m really looking forward to it, especially as we may well have a new member of staff with us.

6 thoughts on “Revealed

  1. I used to work with children and we did tie dyeing (hope I spelt that right!) as an activity. It was so much fun and we created some beautiful things. I hope you’re planning to do some shows in South Wales in the future – I’d love to come and check it out ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hi Myfanwy,

    I have some tee shirts that look just like that. I didn’t like the colour and so when I had to put lotion on my skin that would bleach the tee shirt, I wore them! They’re beginning to look quite fashionable now in a funky sort of way!

    It’s beginning to look more like Spring this morning here. It is forecast to rain though. I was looking forward to an afternoon of photography too…


  3. Do wish I could attend the Brockenhurst Festivial, but it is just a little too far to travel for the day!
    Getting ready for my first Craft Show of the Season, and have been trying to decide what to cover my tables with – want to use something different. Your tye-dyed tableclothes gave me a great idea! I worked for 10 yrs at our Town Camp I had children 5 – 7 yrs of age, they loved when we did tye-dyed t-shirts. Good luck at your show, hope the weather holds up!


  4. Perfection in every way, stunning colours. My bedding is this colour, came from IKEA over 15 years ago. Never get fed up of waking up to these colours ๐Ÿ™‚


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