Are you running?

Well, it’s the London Marathon this weekend. No, I’m not running. It’s not that I’m slow, or that I don’t want to participate, but I know that If I started the course today I might finish it by the end of the race in 2015. I’d be far too distracted by other things. Actually, though, yes, I am slow, and as for participating – I have never aspired to even think about it…..

However, it is a very good vehicle for charity fundraising. This year our niece is entering for the first time and is raising money for the Alzheimer’s SocietyIf you are still looking for someone to support I know that Ali would be delighted for your contribution, and the money is going to a very good cause. Her page is here, and I know her Grandmother would be very pleased. If you do decide to add your support, please tell her that I sent you.


3 thoughts on “Are you running?

  1. Good luck to your niece – what a great cause she is running for.
    I pray for all the runners – we are still trying to recover from the Tragedy of the Boston Marathon.


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