100 Steps

The weather and work commitments have made this rather difficult during the last  while, but today I have something a little different to share with you.

Over the last couple of days we have made trips to two new selling venues. I took advantage of both and have another 100 steps lined up for next week, but today I  would like to show you those that I took today. We travelled to a city that is familiar and one that I have written about before, Salisbury in Wiltshire, where we visited to see this very special hanging. Once again we visited the area close to the Cathedral


In fact, the view from our room was almost identical


I hasten to add that the cathedral is standing very straight and tall, I am the one with the list. We weren’t the only ones surveying the view, even though part of the building is shrouded in scaffolding.


However, it was not here that I chose for my 100 steps. We drove home along the A347 and stopped for a bite of lunch at the cafe at the Army Air Museum. The food is home cooked and good, and outside an interesting array of relics can be viewed. I was interested to see just what I could see within 100 steps, and as you will see, I didn’t get very far!

I started here

100 x

and turning around, this is what I saw

100 x 2

Ten more steps and

100 x 3

….. then, the fun began!

To my amazement 100 steps was over before I knew it! They ended here

100 x 14

and on the right you can see the gate where it all started.The colours and textures displayed were quite inspirational. Patterns could be created from several areas. I probably won’t use any of it directly, but it is amazing what you can see when you look in unexpected places.

I’ll leave you with one last bad picture, it’s placing will be left to your imagination.


If you join in with this challenge please leave a link below so that we can all come and visit. More details here.

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