Capture the Moment, March #27

Conversation with grandson (5)

‘We went to London at the weekend’

‘How lovely, did you see anything interesting?’

He normally recounts the day in great detail and in chronological order. He considered our question, his thought process apparent in his face. The journey by car, the underground trains, everything about this trip to our capital city passed through his mind until he decided.

‘Yes. We saw a sewage farm’

4 thoughts on “Capture the Moment, March #27

  1. I took my godson out to Bristol for the day when he was five. We had a big talk about how we were driving over the Severn Bridge and visiting another country, we went to Cabot Circus and had two games of crazy golf. Then we went to visit my friend and my godson got to play with her little boy. When we returned to Cardiff, his mum asked him what he’d done that day and he replied ‘we went to Nando’s for lunch’. You’ve got to love how they think 🙂


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