100 Steps – Part 2

A 100n

If you read today’s earlier post in this series you will remember that I suggested you remember the above photograph. A short while later I walked along the right hand side of the building that you can just see behind the trees.

B a

The view from that side is stunning. The squally rain had now turned to showers interspersed with cloud filled blue skies and sun. The shadows show how bright it was at times. There is a terrace from which you can see this view, and in better weather it’s a delight to take coffee or afternoon tea sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet.

No-one was outside today, though.

B b

The next photograph shows how windy it was. The chairs had been upright when we arrived,

B c

but the main object of this picture is to direct you to the point between the trees, where the path turns towards the right.

C 100a

And from that point – this is the view that surprises you! Water! I have ventured to  this spot many times in the recent, and not quite so recent, past and this view of the river has been completely dry. Not only was there water, it was quite deep and flowing really fast. A ‘point and shoot’ camera is not the best for taking pictures in strong contrast, so some of these are not at all good, but you will still get the ‘feel of’ the place. My ‘100 Steps’ begin.

This little stretch is bounded at each end by a bridge. To the left

C 100b

and to the right

C 100c

The gravel path is partly covered in moss

C 100d

and in some areas it is difficult to see where the grass ends and the path begins.

C 100e

The sun was shining brilliantly at this point, and the view ‘backwards’ shows the promise of golden daffodils that will appear in the very near future.

C 100f

I love the line of ancient stones that line the two banks, without the water these are completely meaningless.

C 100g

This wonderful, ancient, moss covered pillar marks the point where the bridge crosses the river

C 100h

However, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is just another path!

C 100i

This view tells you otherwise! This too was dry very recently, and the fence, now  serving as a boundary demarcation, was useful for keeping out the cattle that graze in the fields beyond.

C 100k

On the other side of the bridge the end of ‘100 Steps’ is marked by another clump of snowdrops. Standing up, a fitting end is revealed

C 100l

A view of the Abbey that is not available from any other spot. I hope you will consider joining in. Please leave a link below, if you do, so that I can come and visit. All you need to do is choose a starting place and take 100 steps, photographing as you do so. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can do it – and how you will notice things you had missed before. More details here

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  1. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful walk. It looks so inviting and sunny, filled with fresh spring greens and yellows. You can see my beach walk from yesterday under Sea Rock Tales ( I can’t add links from my iPad but will try to remember to go back and do this from my laptop later!) …but all has changed again and after a day of snow everything’s gone white again here. So I love all this colour 🙂


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