The only trouble…..

Yes, I had a few days off. They were fun, and I’ll tell you about them at a later date. However, a day off can be trouble, too. It’s all the ‘catching up’ that comes after a break that is the trouble. Here we are at Thursday, and I’m still ‘all behind’. Will I ever catch up? I’m behind both on and off the internet!

So without more ado I will sign off and get on with that which I have to do. Is it writing? Dyeing? Stitching? Designing?

No, I have to go to the hairdressers!


4 thoughts on “The only trouble…..

  1. My hair apt was 4 weeks late because of my illness. What a pleasure it was to finally get it cut. Couldn’t speak with hairdresser as no voice. Sometimes we NEED a hair cut, hope you enjoyed your cut 🙂


  2. I always feel like a ‘girl’ again after getting my hair done … and that ‘girl’ comes away energized. That should help take care of the trouble!


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