100 Steps – a trifle belated!

You may remember that I was away last weekend, so this series is a little late. It is, however, connected with the weekend, as you will see.

I told you a little about our trip to Cottenham here. It is a thriving community close to Cambridge, and our visit involved 3 days at the Community School. This has many activities each week that are attended by members of the community, as well as the normal Secondary age students that attend on a daily basis. The school is in the heart of the village with houses close by, and in the middle of the entrance drive there is a little pond.


This is the view standing with the school behind me. I determined that on this occasion my walk would be 100 steps around the pond. Can you see the small patch of white on the left? That’s my starting point.

Snowdrops! What a lovely sight they were. I’ve watched them each year and this year they have larger flowers and were more open than in other years. Such delicate markings and such a fresh green. They would convince you that spring is just around the corner. Oh, I do hope so!

The patch of white
The patch of white

2 3 4

A very wonky view, but you can see how close the houses are – and I just loved the reflection in the water. It was too damp and muddy to lie on the ground in my best clothes to take photographs, so this isn’t the only ‘off’ shot you will see!


The tree was too close to photograph in its entirety, but thanks to the reflection I managed to claim a picture anyway. The reeds reflect well too, and distort the image.

These three images interested me because in the space of two steps there was evidence of all four seasons. It was a glorious day, warm enough for a cool summer’s day, but still only February, and the day had begun with a heavy frost.


The little pond isn’t deep, but this is a stark reminder that care is needed. More reflections of the trees that surround the site.


The tops of the reeds almost looked frosted as the sun caught their delicate tops.


Another picture that I couldn’t resist. Such lovely textures.


And the final picture. The daffodils are later than other years. Still small and compact. However, if the sun continues they could be in flower in no time.

Feel like joining in? Take a stroll of no more than 100 steps and make a note of what you see. You’ll be surprised at how little energy it uses, how short a distance, but just how much you notice. Post on your blog then come back and leave a link to your blog post so that I can come and see.

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  1. We’ve had a lot of frost here in Wales too – and it is sooooo cold. I certainly haven’t seen any snowdrops yet. I’m hoping that the daffodils I planted last week will be out for St David’s Day, though.


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