Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

Did you miss me? Now be honest. You didn’t even know that I was away, did you? Well, for the last few days I have been staying just outside Cambridge while we attended a Textile Show at Cottenham.  Now in its twelfth year Textiles in Focus has gone from strength to strength, and it’s lovely to return to see old and new faces and catch up with friends.

We left home on Thursday to head for the M25. To those of you that live outside the UK I should explain that this is the orbital motorway around London. I has been billed as the largest car park in Europe, so travel along it is often unpredictable if there is an accident or other problem.



The photograph above, and those below, were all taken from a moving car, so the quality isn’t exceptional! I should point out, I wasn’t driving….

Thankfully the journey was easy. The startling thing was the lack of traffic, hence the photographs. Very few lorries, everyone driving at a suitable speed, and roadworks that caused no problems whatsoever! Our trip along the M25 and M11 was soon over and the scenery changed as we moved onto the local roads.

The countryside is much flatter than at home, but pretty nonetheless. Two hours later, on the dot, as it were, we arrived at the venue


It always takes a while to get things ready, and I have to admit that we had had enough before we were properly finished, so the final preparations were left until Friday morning


By the time we actually left to travel to our hotel the sun was setting.



This quick shot was also ‘stolen’ as we drove along. We found the hotel with ease, and then, after changing, it was off for a Valentine’s dinner.



Another bad picture to finish. It was, however, a beautiful rose!

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  1. In my reader, this came up as a collage and it was really cool looking! You might try it next time in WordPress that way. Or else you redid it after posting 🙂 I loved all the blue skies.



    1. Hahaha! I mixed it up a bit with some galleries and singles. I don’t think the reader could view it properly. Thanks for visiting, and for taking the time to comment.


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