24 thoughts on “Capture the moment #5a

      1. There are two ways. One way would cost you an additional $13. Then it would show up in the address field in your browser as: http://snaps.chittlechattle.com That’s the nicest way.

        Then, there’s the free way: You have to go in and change stuff in the DNS settins [under My Upgrades], I don’t remember all the details of it, but you will get the same result. HOWEVER, in your browser you will not see the URL I typed here above … you will see «justsnaps.wordpress.com». It’s like a re-direct somehow..

        I opted for the $13 so I have http://purrsonal.purringly.me also


    1. It wouldn’t be so bad, but they take so long to answer an email. I lost followers here when they did it – about 50. I presume I’ll lose some there too…… Thanks for commenting, it wouldn’t be so bad if I knew why it was really happening.


  1. I’ve had my computer to the reapir shop 3 times since AUgust. They keep telling me that WordPress is giving me virus’. I contacted them and never heard. I have upgrades and have used the non-renewal commens to them and still nothing. I am searching for a better mouse trap. These posts are giving me the extra push. I’m sorry for your aggravation. It is a shame.


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