100 Steps

I’m really enjoying this series, I mentioned it earlier when I illustrated how such a walk had been used (I haven’t told you about that one, yet). The photograph was taken during a walk in the snow which began at our local canal. I’ve mentioned it before, and this 100 steps is actually the same  area that I wrote about here. The comparison with the scene just two months ago is quite interesting.

The last walk began at the canal bridge. Work was going on to drain an area so that a new pipeline could be installed. Well, work is continuing, but at the time of taking these pictures the workmen were hampered by the cold temperatures


By way of introduction, this photograph is taken from the old bridge (no longer open to motorised traffic) and is of the canal in the opposite direction to the way we were intending to walk. You can see the snow lying, obviously, and the frozen water. There is now a solid barrier on both sides of the area in which they are working, and the ice extended beyond, surrounding the dredger and other boats that were there…


Now we start the walk! This is step 0! The barrier grid is still there, and the ice is clearly seen.


Just two steps, though, and what a difference! Water was (and is) still being pumped out causing ripples and unexpected water movement.


The ducks were pleased about this, and those ripples are duly recorded in one of my sketchbooks for use at a later date.


I think of these mallards as being quite colourful ducks, but in this environment they are almost perfectly camouflaged, that surprised me,


The edge of the canal showed signs of ice as we moved along, but it was the reflections and patterns created in the water that interested me here.

5So too here. The uprights of the trees, band of snow and interesting reflections are something I will use in the not too distant future. I like the interest in the foreground too, I would like to have brought this piece home with me, but the seeds are better in their natural environment than on my desk ready for drawing….


This brought us to the basin, and almost the end of 100 steps, do you remember this?


I wonder if it has moved since I photographed it last time!

There are just a couple more photographs I’d like to include today. To show that they aren’t really part of the journey I’ve included them in a little gallery with captions. They were actually of areas that featured in the 100 steps of the following week, but I won’t be devoting a post specifically to that part of the walk this time.

Don’t forget that if you click on a picture in the gallery you will open a slideshow with captions. I hope you have enjoyed coming with me. I’d love it if you took part too. You might like to visit the related posts below for inspiration. 100 steps isn’t far, why not try it? Details here, and please link back to this week’s post, then I can come and visit.

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7 thoughts on “100 Steps

    1. Join in when you feel like it. I go for the exercise – the 100 steps is a sort of ‘interlude’, and I always find something, even when there is nothing there…. 🙂


  1. Thank you for the pingback! And you’re right, 100 steps is an amazingly short distance – less than a minute’s walk, if you don’t stop to take photographs.

    By the way – one thing I’m finding interesting reading your 100 Step posts and comparing them to my occasional ones is seeing the contrast between us. You seem to be a very visual person, and you turn the images into designs (for example, your other post today. I’m minimally visual; what I notice are narratives implied by my photos. I wonder what other people would make out of the 100 Step project? I hope a lot more take it up so we can find out.


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