100 Steps

Occasionally we have the opportunity to spend the night with our grandchildren. We go for a ‘sleepover’ while Mummy and Daddy are away. They are always very good, and of course a joy to be with. At nearly 3 (GD) and just over 5 (GS) they are also fun, as you can imagine.

The day dawned bright and clear. Lovely blue sky, but bitterly cold. The strength of the shadow on this hedge shows just how bright it was

7We had planned on a little trip out before lunch, but time ran away with us, so I decided that we would have a 100 steps trip around their garden. I explained what we were doing, and asked them to find me some interesting things to photograph. Here is a gallery of their suggestions, if you click on one you will open a slideshow with their comments. I suggest you do that, it’s lovely to see into the mind of a child. The comments relate either to Grandson (GS) or Grand-daughter (GD)

You might also like to read the previous post for another glimpse into the mind of a child. Join me in 100 steps. What can you see? More information here.

8 thoughts on “100 Steps

  1. A feather without a bird!

    All their comments are so positive & logical. Thanks for sharing some special moments with us 🙂

    Some of their comments would make gr8 journal pages or t-shirt slogans…


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