A bonus post.

This photograph was originally taken to feature on the garden blog. It would probably have been there today, but after a little investigation I decided it warranted more than just a picture, hence the ‘bonus’ post.

badger furIt doesn’t look very interesting, does it? There is the tiniest evidence of new life on the left, but that blob of ‘snow’, what is the point of that? Well, it isn’t snow, and at first sight I thought it was spiders web. Further investigation revealed I was wrong, though, so you had better read on to find out!

Do you remember that I took you for a walk around part of the garden? It was part of 100 steps, and one of the photographs featured was part of a secret


It is the hidden gateway used by foxes and badgers. They pass through the garden during the night. Foxes are cheekier, and we are more likely to see them in the morning or evening, but badgers are more secretive and only visit during darkness. The white pictured above is the evidence. There were several small patches of white fur, each covered with tiny droplets of dew which created the impression of snow. Were they the result of a rough and tumble between two badgers? Maybe an itch had caused one to rub against a rough stick? Who knows, but it was fun to see them.

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  1. I love to figure out what travels around the area at night. My cat who sits in the window could sure tell me some interesting stories I think. I have no idea if we have badgers around here or not. Maybe that fur is from a itch. Seems likely.


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