I have been promoted!

I’m thinking of breaking open the champagne!

My life is not mundane, it happens every day and I just run with it. I have had various obstacles thrown in my path over the years, and I have overcome them. I do what I do, and I do it with love. Yes, I trained for a career, but that was long ago, before children and grandchildren, now, well, my life is on the downhill. Or is it?

Is there a new one on the horizon?

Could it be that I really will be leading the champagne lifestyle in the future?

Will I be meeting royalty, celebrities and more?

Who knows.

All I know is that I’ve received a very special email from Koffee Annang of the UN attaching my diplomatic baggage.

Let’s face it. It’s the stuff of which dreams are made. I might even meet James Bond. Aren’t you jealous?

(Written with tongue in cheek and acknowldeging the spam which was deleted unopened before you could say ‘Goldfinger’)

26 thoughts on “I have been promoted!

  1. Hi Myfanwy,

    My spam folder is more interesting than my inbox. Everything from an email saying my broadband will be cut off to my Paypal being accessed with a Jean Patrique knife set… πŸ™‚


    1. Oh, I’m sure they’ll think of something. I daren’t suggest anything, they are probably out there reading – looking for ideas πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the visit and comment.


  2. There’s nothing on the internet more creative than (some) spam! I still remember one I received years ago from someone who told me the sad tale of how first his father and then his mother had died – “so you see that I am a orhange”. Better than being a grapefruit, I suppose.


      1. Probably any language spoken in a country where there’s money to spare…and really, if you can afford to be on the internet at all you have money to spare from bare survival, so I suspect spam is everyplace.


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