What has happened to innocence?

Preparing for Christmas was a mammoth task this year. I won’t go into details, but it not only involved a lot of work, there was a lot of pain and heartache too. However, it was all accomplished on time, and we all enjoyed it. Christmas Day itself was spent with members of the family, including a celebrity


Yes, along with her new pink shoes Minnie Mouse paid us a visit. She was very good and ate all her brussel sprouts – even asking for more as they are ‘my favourite’!

Apart from brussel sprouts Minnie adores books, so we spent time having cuddles and reading, At the age of two you are allowed to indulge in books that also have pictures, but I was reminded of one that I read as a child, that is really more appreciated when read as an adult.

book 1This is a newish edition. My original copy was given away long ago to our daughter, but it so well captures the innocence of a time long past that I couldn’t bear to be without a copy! Have you read it? It was written in 1890 but not published until 1919.

1a bookplateJ M Barrie’s preface is almost as long as the book! It begins:

2 Prefaceand ends:

2a Preface

I really don’t want to spoil the story, but here is just a brief extract

book 2

A book of delight – written by a 9 year old

1 Daisy

I remember seeing a dramatised version at some point, but it lost much in its adaptation. If you would like to read it there is a free download here, but there is nothing quite like a hard copy of the actual book. If you want to find out more about Daisy, just do a quick ‘Google‘.

15 thoughts on “What has happened to innocence?

  1. What a lovely innocent little Minnie Mouse, you have captured the innocence in your photo. Thank you for the link to the book, you have whetted my appetite I will down load it, it sounds to be a delightful read


  2. Minnie Mouse was dressed in her Christmas finery and looked lovely. A sweet little visitor that deserved a beautiful story. How could anyone resist an adorable face like that?
    I must get a copy of this book. The short snippet here has peaked my interest. As much as I like the e books during travel, I much prefer the hard copy versions. It is on my bucket list.
    Hope you have a fabulou New Year …


    1. Thank you 🙂

      I agree about the books, so much nicer to hold one in your hands. I thought the e-book would give a better flavour than I could. It’s so sweet, it’s lovely.


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