100 Steps – looking back

I mentioned somewhere that I sometimes use 100 steps as a tool when I’m teaching. I haven’t had time to take specific photographs this week, the days have been filled with preparations for the family get-togethers in a couple of days. It seemed a good opportunity to show you the pictures that were taken on such an occasion, at a beloved venue that sadly is no longer operating.

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Urchfont Manor closed in September. It’s fate is still unknown, but in the meantime it is left to rot. An ideal situation if your aim is to pull it down or convert it into flats. The pictures were taken on a misty day in March of this year. The object was to look at analogous colours and textures. There is one picture with a touch of contrast. Can you see it? I’ll share other pictures from another session at a later date.

I hope you will consider showing us 100 steps from your week. Full details are here, where you can also find a link to other posts in the series. Don’t forget to leave a link below if you find time to join in this week.

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    1. Indeed, it is. Especially as the council were offered more for the going concern than the amount for which it eventually went onto the market. I think it ought to be investigated, but I don’t expect it will be……


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