I love my iPad!

I’m not sure how long I’ve had my iPad. It isn’t the latest one, and I didn’t queue for it when it was released. In fact I didn’t buy it expecting to use it at all! It was bought to encourage another family member to use the internet. As that didn’t work I resorted to using it myself.

It took a while to find my favourite uses, a while to find appropriate apps, but I want to assure you that I don’t use it to play games! So, why do I love it?


I love it because the camera (which isn’t the best) is so accessible.


However, it can be used for on the spot snapping and viewing, which means that it is possible to record and audition several different combinations and layouts before making a final decision.


Much easier than waiting to go to the computer.




And the result?


It only needs mounting now, and then it’s ready for sale.

Oh, and I love using the WordPress app too. 😉

7 thoughts on “I love my iPad!

  1. Which version do you have? My grown children want to give me one for my birthday but I do not want them to spend that much money. I just as soon have an older version so I wondered what you have.


    1. I bought it about a year ago, before the new one was released. It was a good offer. A friend recently bought a reconditioned one for a song. It works perfectly. I gather that over here they are sold via a reputable shopping channel. I think you would find one fun.


  2. I love playing games on mine, as well as checking E-mail, surfing the Internet and reading on my Kindle app. I’m so happy I got one. Mine is also an older model. It’s survived getting dropped on the tile floor. One corner is dented and the other has a small shatter, which I taped up with black electrician’s tape. It still works just fine.



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