Today’s 100

The penultimate collection of photographs from my walk two weeks ago. I hope you enjoy coming along with me. In some ways it’s ‘more of the same’, but there are new elements too.


This was the turning point of the walk. It marks the overflow point of the canal, and it is usually a quiet spot. I didn’t expect to see a little ladybird there at this time of the year.


Following the extreme rain that preceded the walk it was doing its job. Water was cascading over the lip of the overflow, rushing down into a little pond at the side and away along a culvert. This makes me think of white silk fibres and granite stitch on the machine. The latter is one of my favourite ‘creative’ free machine stitches, a collection of tiny compact circles which create a lovely effect, and would combine well with fibres.

3Sheer fabrics are again indicated by the sun effect on the far bank.

4and another sheer could trap tiny fragments of fabric to create a similar effect to the leaves floating in the water. Maybe the ripples in this gully will inspire some stitch patterns.

5A very strong element, and one I probably won’t use, but this is a striking silhouette.


This last picture shows the water as it runs off into the pond and then the culvert. So much, and all from within 360deg. 100 steps, and all at the turning point of the walk. Join me next week to see a few things in reverse on the return stroll, and I hope that you will also consider taking 100 steps to see what you can find. Full information can be found here, and previous ‘100’s’ can be found here. Have a great investigative week.

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  1. I’ve just been driving with a friend who doesn’t understand how I can be so observant and still drive. I was pointing out new graffiti on a bridge 100 yards away that she didn’t even see despite being free to look wherever. It’s the photographer/writer/creatives eye that you also have in abundance 🙂


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